Start living a happier and more fulfilling life 

Made Collective offers accessible online digital courses and resources to help women with the healing process, as well as break the domino effect that is caused from past toxic behaviours and unhealthy relationships, by improving their wellbeing so that they can start living a more happier and fulfilling life.

We aim to help as many women as possible prioritise and improve their well-being, so that they can:

  • Build their self-esteem and become conscious of their true self
  • Have a clear vision of their goals, and build the confidence to achieve them; feeling more optimistic about their future
  • Find and do more fulfilling work
  • Experience healthier Relationships

How Can Made Collective Help You

And to ultimately level up in every area of their life, taking charge of their happiness

We want to help women push through the below common barriers that are currently holding them back from their level up and happiness. 

Lack of Self belief
Lack of motivation
Lack of direction
Negative past beliefs and behaviours
Lack of confidence
Lack of time due to other priorities
Fear of failure
Lack of financial capital to start
Prioritising other roles (example; parent)

Take our quiz and find out what's holding you back from reaching the level of well-being and life fulfilment you desire. 

Jemma is a certified international coach, empowering women to become unstuck from a cycle of playing out painful patterns and behaviours, and start taking control of their happiness. 

She has personal experience in what it takes to shift your mindset, and heal from toxic patterns, to start living a more happier and fulfilling life. 


Hey, I'm Jemma

For as long as I can remember, I've always been obsessed with two things: the topic of human potential and becoming my own boss. 

I was curious to know what makes people happy, successful, and creatively fulfilled, and how they go about achieving this. 

And after many years of healing, self-discovery, following the journeys of successful entrepreneurs, educating myself and becoming a single mother to one, I finally started my journey in entrepreneurship, leaving my 9 to 5 and truly understanding what it means to maximise my potential. 

I started my business with one goal in mind: to empower others to be their best self! This is the reason I started my business! The reason I continue to do what I do. 

We all have our motivations through the work we do, but what motivates me is to create as much impact in others lives as well as my own, as I believe everyone can better themselves!”

Our mission is for the next female generation and thereafter, to feel self-assured, be able to express themselves confidently, prioritise growth and positive action, and experience healthy relationships.  

What is our mission?

We want to help women break the domino effects that are caused from past toxic behaviours and unhealthy relationships, for the benefit of not only ourselves, but for our children.


If you are a woman who is currently stuck in a cycle of playing out painful patterns, then its most likely these emotional and behavioural patterns have not happened to you by chance; most likely you have experienced some instability, abandonment or childhood / early adulthood experience that has influenced your current behaviours and beliefs in your adult life.  

This cycle has also most likely not started with you but has been a generational narrative in your family, which can be difficult to break until someone says “enough”.

It is hard to teach and show our children what we do not know, which means their chances of experiencing the same emotional, behavioural and beliefs patterns as us, is high.  Which is why we help women like you improve your own wellbeing, not only helping you to level up in life, but to become better equipped to raise self-assured, happy children, minimising the continued cycle of painful patterns and behaviours.

Our mission is important to us, because whilst we can't control the actions and emotions of others, nor our environment, we can work on ourselves so that we are better equipped to deal with external factors out of our control.

Start taking control of your happiness today by taking our well-being quiz to find what area of your well-being you are least satisfied with and receive tools that you can implement today to start creating the change you desire. 

We at Made Collective know how hard it is to achieve the life and well-being you desire.  

It can leave us feeling completely helpless, and that things will never get any better.  

This is why Made Collective is all about empowerment, inspiring and accessibility, and providing you with the products and resources to support you on your well-being and level up journey, which we hope will have a positive impact on your life, happiness and mental health. 

What are our values?

Empowering and supporting women to take control and responsibility for their own lives and happiness. 



Inspiring change in the way women think and feel about themselves, so that they want to take positive actions. 

Creating products that are affordable and simple to use; making improving well-being more accessible.  Also to be a fun, straight forward and honest brand; being easy to work with and approachable.